Audrey Flack

I’ve been reading a bit of Audrey Flack’s writings…in Art and Soul, Notes on Creating…and also some writings about her art…Audery Flack on Painting.  The Art and Soul book is a collection of her various thoughts…actually almost like a journal…even a blog commentary before blogs were around.  I admire her determination to stick to her personal vision and inspirations even at times where her imagery wasn’t “popular” or “in”.  Below is a sample of one of her incredible paintings.  I’ll type an interesting story about this one later.  But time is ticking away, and I need to get to my own art first.

Title: Chanel.  1974, 60"x84" acrylic on canvas

Title: Chanel. 1974, 60"x84" acrylic on canvas


One’s Ego

I’m struggling with the egotistic nature of keeping a blog of one’s thoughts and activities.  Who really cares?  Why do I think I’m so important that someone would want to read any of this?  Why is this generation so resistant to solitude and annonymity?  I need to think of this merely as a public journal…a good place to verbalize ideas, thoughts questions, etc.  (though because of its public nature, I’d better resist gossip—which is a good goal anyway.  I’ve been trying to determine what imagery I am interested in working with this fall in my watercolor and drawing classes.  I actually an intrigued by the “Vanitas” paintings of the 18th (?) century…where the painter created still lifes with objects of wealth and riches but then also had a skull or other item reminding the viewer that all the wealth and glitter was temporary…death was inevitable.  I’m looking through a book now about Audrey Flack’s work (1970’s) where she explored this Vanitas genre.  I don’t feel like a morbid person, but I am confused by our culture’s denial of death…the way we don’t talk about it as part of the cycle of the natural world.  We exist as though it isn’t happening all around us.  Other cultures —perhaps those less prosperous than us—are more grounded in the reality of life and death.  I think Mexico’s Day of the Dead is a wonderful celebration, where the family has a big picnic out in the cemetary remembering their relatives who have died.  What better way to remind us to enjoy life right now……

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.  I am hoping to post some of my recent artwork and add my thoughts and musings about living a creative life.  With my son’s out of college now, I find myself back in school…seeking an MFA degree at Radford University in southwest Virginia.  I suppose through the years of freelance illustrating on the side I have developed some sort of style, but do I have a “voice”?  That’s what I’m working on.  I hope you enjoy watching my progress.